Be a lover of life.

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Summers day
Get outside. Hike. Explore. Eat healthy plant based foods. Don’t do drugs. Treat your body like a temple. Find someone to wake up to. Find someone that will make you coffee. Get a dog. Take your dog swimming to see the pure innocence and joy of his inner being. Camp. Climb a mountain. Realize your life if amazing! 

I love my mountains but I need an adventure to the desert. Good thing we’ve got friends in high places! Road coming soon.

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Mountain bike, rock climb, hike repeat

I’m so exhausted all the time but I wouldn’t change anything about life! 


Can’t wait to be here next weekend!
Crested Butte, Colorado

(by Corey Bartle-Sanderson)
Can’t wait to have a place for just me and you and our pup. You’re amazing and I love you.